Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong
President and CEO

Wilson Wong serves as President and CEO of Plaid.  Wilson’s 18 years in the restaurant industry, coupled with his extensive travels through Asia, Europe and North America have brought him in contact with hundreds of thousands of people.  These experiences have given him an appreciation of and for the diversities and similarities among people throughout the world.  He also has developed a strong ability to assess quickly the moods and needs of diverse personalities of individuals and groups and responds to meet those.

His aptitude for understanding diversity and human behavior is based on formal training and his unique set of life experiences.  Born at sea on the Pacific Ocean, his early childhood was spent in the Mississippi Delta as an Asian in a black and white society. After graduation from Georgia Tech in Industrial Design, he returned to assist in the management and operation of his family’s business in Jackson, Mississippi where he also served on the Mississippi Restaurant Association Board of Directors. He later spent four years in San Francisco pursuing a career as a writer and photographer and serving as president of the Angel Island Immigration Foundation, a non-profit restoration organization.  Wilson’s twenty-four years of subsequent experience in both corporate and non-profit management has led to a wide array of client ranging from smokestack industries to state government.

List of Services:

  • Organizational Development
  • Cultural Adjustments
  • Vision/Mission/Strategy Workshop
  • Branding Workshop
  • Team/Staff Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Training
  • Educational Program Development
  • Diversity Awareness and Training
  • Career Pathing

Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

Currently Lives: Atlanta, GA

Education: Undergraduate, Georgia Tech (Industrial Design)