Danielle GrahamDanielle Graham joins the Plaid team by serving as an associate focusing on program facilitation. She provides knowledge of human behavior within organizational, societal, and personal domains. Specific areas of Danielle’s expertise include personality, performance, and assessment. She aims to guide individuals in maximizing their potential and achieving success in all areas of their lives. Danielle’s knowledge and pursuits allow her to contribute to Plaid’s mission.

Danielle graduated from Kent State University with a B.A. in Psychology, and completed her M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The University of Akron. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. While completing her graduate studies, Danielle is employed as a graduate teaching assistant, for which she serves as an instructor of undergraduate courses. During her educational career, Danielle has participated in research aimed to increase the understanding of individual differences and workplace environments. At the present time, she hopes to expand the research on optimal performance. This research provides Danielle with further understanding of Plaid’s programs.