Day 1


  • Pre-Assessment
  • Philosophy of “Know Thyself” and Importance of Self-Awareness and Personal Development

Understanding Yourself Through The Birkman Method

  • Understanding the Life Style Grid
  • Understanding Areas of Interest
  • Understanding Organizational Focus
  • Understanding Preferred Work Styles
  • Understanding the Components
  • His/Her Challenges
  • Some Basic Information About You
  • Your Strengths
  • His/Her Learning Style

Understanding Your Relationships With Others Through The Birkman Method

  • Your relationship with your Discovery Partner (e.g., Fraternity Brother or Sorority Sister or Close Friend)
  • Your relationship with your parent or guardian
  • Your relationship with your teacher

Understanding Personal Values and History

  • Values Audit
  • Trigger Events

Self-Authorship – Who and why am I?

  •  Personal reflection and narrative based on Birkman reports, personal values and history

Day 2

Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues

  •  Three Basic Criteria
  • Analyzing Ethical Issues

Personal Development Plan

  • Vision
  •  Mission
  • Action Plan

Wrap Up

  •  Post-Assessment