Finding Equality and Understanding Difference(FEUD)

There is a part of human nature that brings out our competitiveness . On a positive note, this competitive drive allows us to excel and become better. On the negative side, an “us against them” mentality may produce an unhealthy environment toward others who are different from self.  We can become prisoners of our own perceptual filters, and others may view us as being disrespectful and arrogant.

To successfully navigate through this ever changing and diverse world, we must find a way to connect difference with equality. This interactive session provides insights to change our paradigm of how we view others who are different from self – the acceptance of the notion that different can be equal.

To better understand and respect difference, the two- or four-hour workshop focuses on:

  • Recognizing the powerful but deceptive nature of perceptions
  • Identifying and evaluating the difference between Bias, Assumptions, Stereotypes, and Prejudices
  • Reevaluating how we view Visual and Obvious (Group) Differences
  • Developing awareness of Behavioral (Individual) Differences.