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Plaid LLC Publishes a Research Paper in the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Publication, The Oracle.

John Creek, GA. (June 13, 2019) – Plaid LLC – an organization that specializes in personal and organizational development – is pleased to publish a peer-reviewed research paper in the AFA’s The Oracle, exploring the differing needs and stress behaviors of fraternity and sorority members.

The team of Drs. Gabriel Serna at Michigan State, Dawn Wiese, at Plaid LLC and Stephen Simo, of the University of Rhode Island, provide evidence-based research of unique social and behavioral differences between sorority women and fraternity men in their need and stress behaviors measured by the Birkman personality assessment. This group of writers demonstrated how these populations may respond differently to educational programming because of measured social and behavioral differences.

This study explores how those who identify themselves as fraternity and sorority members may differ from one another based upon responses from the personality assessment. This study included students at 371 large and small campuses across the United States. The study examines how under conditions of need and stress, programming might be adapted to meet the differing needs of both groups.

“Plaid is excited to be doing peer-reviewed research that demonstrates the efficacy of the kind of work Plaid does every day,” says Chris Woods Partner of Plaid LLC,  “We know that Gabriel, Dawn and Stephen spent countless hours working and editing this paper and the end result is amazing.  We’re so fortunate to have a strong research arm in Plaid.”

To read the publication and learn more about fraternity and sorority needs and stress behavior findings please reference The Oracle from the link below.


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