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Chris Woods, Partner

Plaid LLC Joins Together with WKU Football and WKU Women’s Basketball to Conduct Team and Player Development

Bowling Green, Ky. (December 12, 2018) – Plaid LLC – an organization that specializes in personal and organizational development – has joined together with Western Kentucky University’s Football and Women’s Basketball teams to conduct team and individual development training.

In cooperation with the WKU Sport Management Program, Plaid is conducting training to assist coaches and student-athletes to help them build greater awareness and competitive advantage. By utilizing the Birkman Method, a personality and behavioral assessment, Plaid is able to help these student-athletes uncover personal strengths and potential challenges. In addition, coaching staff receive insights into unseen behavioral tendencies of players and utilize this information both during and outside of games.

“This interactive program is helping coaches and athletes identify personal behavior, and how they react to emotions such as stress,” said Chris Woods, Partner, Plaid LLC. “Often, athletes are faced with stressful situations during a competitive game, and we are helping them manage this stress, keep their composure and realize their inner potential. It’s important that they learn how to avoid letting emotions take control of their decision-making abilities. This program helps them realize their full potential and provides coaching staff critical information to move their players and the team to the next level.”

Coaches with the football and women’s basketball teams are receiving training that is educating them on unique approaches for coaching, giving them a better understanding of the potentially hidden strengths and challenges of their players.

“This program is not only helping our athletes personally develop and grow, but it is also strengthening our team dynamics,” said Greg Collins, Head Coach, WKU Women’s Basketball. “This program is helping identify hidden qualities and skills within our athletes, and that information is a huge benefit to our team overall. We are thrilled for this partnership with Plaid, and the positive outcome this program will have on our team.”

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