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Plaid LLC Announces Tightrope Program;|
ill Help Educate College Students on Potential Risks

Course will educate students on alcohol, drugs, hazing and sexual misconduct

JOHNS CREEK, GA. (February 13, 2019) – Hundreds of undergraduate students have successfully completed a new online risk management program from Plaid LLC, an organization that specializes in personal and organizational development. The program, Tightrope, provides education for undergraduate students about alcohol and drug use, hazing and sexual misconduct.

Over the past six months, several fraternal organizations and hundreds of undergraduate members logged into Plaid’s Learning Management System to participate in the online educational courses. Plaid has now completed its Beta testing of the program.

“This new program incorporates assessment questions to evaluate each participant’s relationship with drug and alcohol use, helping students gain better knowledge and perspective about the hazards they may encounter during college, including hazing and sexual misconduct” said Chris Woods, Partner, Plaid LLC. “Through this program, we want to educate all participants and leave a lasting impression on each and every one of them, encouraging them to make smart and safe decisions at all times. The Tightrope program aims to give students the confidence to make educated decisions about risky behaviors, so they can consider the safety of themselves and others.”

Tightrope incorporates assessment questions to evaluate each participant’s relationship with alcohol and drug use. Assessment questions are based on statistically valid, nationally recognized surveys that quantify and document college students’ attitudes, perceptions, and opinions about alcohol and other drugs (AOD). The surveys also measure behaviors of actual AOD use and consequences of use that will allow organizations to compare their members to national norms.

Likewise, Greek organizations participating in the program will have the ability to compare their members to others in the fraternal community. All assessment data will be available to the organization with the freedom to utilize as they choose.

Fraternal organizations currently taking advantage of the Tightrope Program:

  • Delta Kappa Epsilon
  • Delta Sigma Pi
  • Kappa Delta Rho
  • Kappa Alpha Order
  • Phi Kappa Sigma
  • Sigma Pi
  • Theta Tau
  • Theta Xi
  • Triangle

Course content and format are designed based on industry standards and incorporate the latest research in student learning methods. Tightrope courses focus on both general and practical knowledge surrounding some of the riskiest behaviors and situations college students may experience. Participants have the opportunity to practice their critical thinking skills about how they might handle social situations that involve AOD, hazing or sexual misconduct.

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