The Authentic Chapter Evaluation program (ACE) is one of Plaid’s cornerstone programs for values based college student organizations. Since the Spring of 2016 Plaid has worked with 3 Fraternity chapters on 3 separate university campuses; the University of South Carolina (USC), the University of Tennessee (UT), the University of Missouri (UM).

The ACE program is field tested and has been refined over time based on lessons learned through experience with a variety of chapters. Plaid uses a personality assessment to adjust the program to each group and the program consists of 12-16 sessions. ACE is designed to support three different types of organizational needs:

  • Groups that are “on the brink” and need a complete rebuilding of their culture, directional, and operational foundation.
  • Groups “in trouble” or a “new” group that needs to reassess/assess their culture, direction, and operational foundation.
  • Groups that have a relatively strong culture and past performance but need direction and operational support

ACE is the only proven program to be successful in transforming the culture with all types of organizations. Each of the chapters Plaid is currently working with are at different stages of the process and exhibit very distinct cultures.

University of South Carolina

To address systemic dysfunction related to apathy, harmful traditions, and lackluster performance, the chapter Plaid worked with at USC overcame tremendous obstacles in addressing their cultural norms.  Symptoms related to lack of organizational trust and understand caused a delusional thinking and an unrealistic view of their environment.  However, after participating in the ACE program the chapter has soared to new heights.  For the first time in many years, the chapter has two members serving as officers on IFC, and they improved both their overall GPA and recruitment numbers.  The chapter is now faced with the challenge of continuing to perform at a high level and has chosen to participate in Plaid sustainability program to integrate their latest members into the chapter’s new culture.


Univerity of Tennessee

After suffering years of constant reorganization, membership reviews, and suspensions, the chapter Plaid worked with at UTK needed a fresh start.  With the objective of wiping away years of disorganization and poor performance, the chapter focused on creating a new identity centered around the values of its organization.  Recognizing that chapter operations needed a major overhaul, the group worked diligently on creating a chapter mission statement and detailed strategic plan.  As an outcome, members of the chapter have increased involvement and dedication to achieving organizational goals.


University of Missouri

Due to an unfortunate decision by the university to pull recognition of the chapter, the members faced many challenges.  However, through the ACE program members have banded together to continue the legacy of their chapter and thrive in the presence of adversity.  Their motivation to ride out institutional changes and confront campus norms has aided in attracting students looking for a different/better experience.  Through the continued support of the national office, alumni and Plaid, the chapter maintains its new direction of providing positive fraternal experiences to its members.

Though the program is designed to support various types of organizations, Plaid’s facilitation team has consistently found that by the 3rd or 4th sessions, when the chapter is tasked with developing their own strategic plan, the cultural shift becomes evident. After an intense journey together exploring personal and organizational values, chapter members are eager to engage in planning the future of their chapter.

Plaid is very proud of the work that the students participating in the current ACE programs have accomplished. We have also worked with chapters as Washington State, Michigan, Illinois, and Rhode Island.