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Plaid, LLC Associate and Nashville Resident Meghan Grace
Offers Insight into Generation Z in New Book

Generation Z: A Century in the Making now available.

Nashville, Tenn. (November 1, 2018) – Nashville resident and Vanderbilt University doctoral student, Meghan Grace, an associate of Plaid, LLC, has co-authored a new book that explores the vast differences between Millennials and Generation Z. Generation Z: A Century in the Making offers insight into the young people born between 1995-2010 who make up Generation Z, helping readers better understand who they are and how they see and navigate the world.

The new book, co-authored by Grace and Dr. Corey Seemiller, explores the perspectives, values, and behaviors of members of Generation Z, who are among our youngest consumers, students, colleagues, constituents, voters and neighbors.

Grace, who is completing her doctoral degree in higher education leadership and policy at Vanderbilt University, is one of the nation’s leading educators when it comes to understanding this upcoming generation. Working with Plaid, LLC, she specializes in helping organizations, higher education institutions and companies understand how they should interact and engage members of Generation Z.

“Many people have researched and studied those who make up the Millennial generation, but there are still a lot of questions surrounding the generation that follows this demographic – Generation Z,” said Grace and Seemiller. “In this book, we aim to answer those questions and give people a better understanding of this generation of young people, helping enlighten and inspire them. Our hope is that readers will better understand the context of the lives of Generation Z, as well as their characteristics, perspectives, motivations, styles and interests.”

Grace and Seemiller began studying Generation Z in 2013, as both were working at University of Arizona and started to see incoming students demonstrate different attributes than previous groups of students. The two were curious to learn more about who these students were, what they cared about, and what could be expected from them in a higher education setting. Since then, Grace and Seemiller have conducted two studies on Generation Z.

This book explores Generation Z and their career aspirations, religious beliefs and practices, entertainment and hobbies, social concerns, relationships with friends and family, health and
wellness, money management, civic engagement, communication styles, political ideologies, technology use and educational preferences.

Generation Z Key Research:

  • They are skeptical of a political system that doesn’t appear to be working and may opt out of participating altogether. “Our political system is in need of a redo.” ~ Gen Z
  • They have great entrepreneurial and inventive spirit. Half of Gen Zers want to start their own businesses, 40% want to change the world through creating an invention.
  • Only 64% take on the role of group leader compared to 91% who take on the role of “doer.” Only slightly more than one-third think it is important to be a community leader.
  • They prefer to learn alone rather than with others.
  • 75% are motivated by not wanting to let others down (relationships), and 75% by wanting to make a difference for someone.
  • Generation Z prefers face-to-face communication, but text messaging is second.
  • One-in-four rank making a difference as the most important factor in their future careers.
  • They are concerned about finances. Two-thirds are concerned about financial security, and more than half prefer saving over spending

Grace and Seemiller have also co-authored Generation Z Goes to College (2016), and Generation Z Leads: A Guide for Developing the Leadership Capacity of Generation Z Students (2017).

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About the authors

Meghan Grace ( currently serves as an associate with Plaid, LLC., delivering Generation Z related presentations, training sessions, and facilitating strategy development for colleges and universities, professional associations and businesses.

Dr. Corey Seemiller ( is a seasoned educator, researcher, and speaker, presenting nationally and internationally on issues related to leadership, civic engagement, career development, and social justice. Dr. Seemiller is a faculty member in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University.

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