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The Birkman Method® measures perceptions and helps neutralize misperceptions that affect the performance of individuals who ultimately control the success potential of your organization.

Since 1951 The Birkman Method® has brought dramatic, strategic change to a long list of individuals and high performance corporations worldwide. Today, facilitated by constantly updated tools at the forefront of technology, Birkman International can cite a continuing history of success that’s changed the future for over 2,500,000 people!

The Birkman Method® gives individuals and organizations unequaled insight into behavioral cause and effect within corporate structures, institutions, families and one-on-one relationships. The Birkman Method provides both invaluable knowledge and a realistic means to manage positive, productive change.

The Birkman Method® is…

  • A leading motivational assessment system for creating strategic change within your organization
  • A comprehensive way to assess and manage individual organizational effectiveness-enhancing productivity, responsibility and accountability.
  • A non-judgmental profile revealing how individuals within an organization are likely to act, react and feel, based on their interests, underlying needs, usual behavior and behavior under stress.
  • A system for maximizing productivity by aligning individual or team behavior with organizational goals.

Plaid Provides Birkman Applications for the Specific Needs of Organizations and Individuals

We provide specific tools designed to help individuals gain self-awareness and become happier and more effective in what they do – and organizations more cohesive, productive and successful.

Our tools are a set of powerful assessments that reveal human processes and perceptions affecting the individual in the organization and community.

  • Developing Leaders
  • Building Strong Communities
  • Coaching For Excellence
  • Shaping Successful Careers

Developing Leaders

Training for the behavioral traits and mindset that make effective and great leaders

The Birkman Method® provides clear, reliable insight into leadership and management styles, organizational strengths, and leadership competencies.

Building Strong Communities

Teambuilding for maximum group effectiveness and productivity

The objective, non-judgmental data provided in a Birkman Teambuilding assessment enables participants to compare themselves to the known characteristics of a successful team from the organization or from the same community. The Birkman assessment pinpoints both underlying needs and how groups and individuals are likely to behave under stress, as well as identifying complementary strengths and critical teambuilding issues.

Coaching for Excellence

Coaching to help individuals develop and make productive change.

The Birkman Method® provides a basis for effective coaching and mentoring in personal skills, operational skills and life management for individuals. It helps individuals to reach their full potential. The Birkman Method helps individuals find their individual strengths, understand motivational differences, and understand and utilize diversity. It reconciles differing perceptions, eliminating value judgments, focusing on strengths and constructive applications, so that individuals can perform with maximum efficiency, optimizing their abilities. It identifies critical areas and advises how to prepare an individualized coaching plan.

Shaping Successful Careers

Creating career paths that serve the individual, the organization, and the community

The Birkman assessment opens up a new world of opportunity, identifying hidden potential to fit changing times and tasks. It helps individuals understand, not underestimate, their strengths, and takes down any preconceived barriers that limit their personal achievement and career development within the organization. It provides for long-term individual development and makes possible a continuing inventory of individual resources matched to changing opportunities — giving individuals and organizations a dynamic entree to their future.