Aboveboard Online Board Development Training

Designed for individuals who serve as a member on a non-profit Board of directors, this nonprofit management training provides education that learners of all ages and experiences need to be successful, confident, and prepared in their roles of providing direction and leadership to their organizations.  Aboveboard gives board members guidance on the topics of governance, strategic planning, and best practices to help lead an organization to new heights.


Online Board Development Training Features:

  • Includes high definition video, animations, interactions, branched learning, and practice examples
  • Segmented into three modules to accommodate attention spans and time (20-30 minutes/module)
  • Bookmarks progress for return trips
  • Additional resources for further education and learning (e.g. Plaid blog posts, self-assessment resources)
  • Works on both Apple and Android mobile devices, as well as Apple, PC and Chromebook computers
  • Includes closed captioning
  • Neutral modules that are applicable to any non-profit Board and Board member experience
  • Customization features to meeting the branding specifications of the organization
  • Hosted on Plaid’s nationally recognized Learning Management System or another compatible LMS


In a 2015 Survey on Board of Directors of Nonprofit Organizations, nearly a third of nonprofit directors are dissatisfied with their board’s ability to evaluate organizational performance and a majority do not believe their fellow board members are very experienced or engaged in their work.

David F. Larcker, Nicholas E. Donatiello, Bill Meehan, Brian Tayan
Stanford GSB, Rock Center for Corporate Governance, BoardSource, and GuideStar. April 2015

The courses include:

    Board Governance

  • An overview and introduction to the basics of Board governance, tactics to help Boards collaborate, and preferred norms for Board experiences to establish an efficient and effective Board.
  • An overview and introduction to the three lenses of Board Governance, including Generative, Fiduciary, and Strategic.
  • This course also breaks down the roles and responsibilities of a Board and the staff, and how they can best work together to achieve their tasks and outcomes.
  • Strategic Planning

  • An overview of strategic planning and why it’s important for Boards. This course prepares learners for the strategic planning process using the GOST method through relevant examples and an explanation of responsibilities.
  • The High Performing Board

  • A deep dive into Plaid’s 10 Barometers to measure a successful Board. Includes a self-assessment so learners can analyze their Board’s performance in these ten areas.
  • Barometers include: Participative Leadership, Shared Responsibility, Align with Mission, High levels of communication, Tasks and outcomes, orient towards the future, diverse and creative talents, rapid response, risk appetite, and dissent.