Do you know how to deal with people who shout when they get all steamed up? Plaid does.

Different people will exhibit different warning signs that they are beginning to stress and people who exhibit the same warning signs may act differently once stress has fully set in. Managing people under these circumstances may seem more of an art than a science, but Plaid can help you lead teapots of all types.

Plaid uses tried and true methods to recognize what each person needs from their environment to avoid stress, how to recognize when someone is feeling the effects of stress and how to lead the individual out of stress.

A stress free environment must be created from the individuals up, not from the C-Suite down.  Plaid can work with all types of organizations from for-profit companies to institutions of higher education to help instill a culture which reduces stress.



Plaid is a consulting firm which utilizes assessment tools to deliver evidence-based programs.


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