Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Could Plaid have saved Goldilocks time and effort?

This porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold, but this porridge is just right.  At least it was just right for Goldilocks. What if Plaid could help you discover which porridge is right for you without all of the trial and error?

If people choose the right career or  employer, they are less likely to be job jumpers.

If they choose the right major or college, they are more likely to stick around through graduation and walk across that stage.

If they join a Fraternity or Sorority that provides an accepting atmosphere to grow and develop, they are more likely to stay active through graduation and beyond.

Plaid can explain each person’s needs, interests and preferred learning, work, leadership and management styles. This will lead to improved retention.

Plus, if Goldilocks had hired Plaid maybe she would’ve been gone before the Bears got home instead of asleep in bed.


Plaid is a consulting firm which utilizes assessment tools to deliver evidence-based programs.


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