The Authentic Chapter Elevation Program (ACE), Plaid’s flagship educational culture change program, has been successful with over 20 chapters since Plaid’s formation 6 years ago. While focusing on developing self-awareness, self-regulations, and person-organizational congruence, Plaid has facilitated the ACE program to aid chapters that are at various stages of need. Two of the more recent chapters were the Kappa Alpha Order chapters at the University of Tennessee (2016-2017) and the chapter at FSU (2017-2018). On these occasions, the ACE program was implemented to aid chapters of 60-120 members with a realignment of their purpose, principles, and operations. Due to various reasons, these groups felt the ACE program was the best option in aiding their members to get back on track. Since completing the program, both groups have become a stable part of their Greek communities and achieved several national awards of excellence. Click here to learn more.