survey_results_01What We Learned About You

A few weeks ago we launched an inquiry survey to learn more about our clients and audience.  The response we received was tremendous and will help us create content specific to your interests and needs. We loved reading your responses and have summarized our insights from the survey.  Enjoy!

By the Numbers

If we boiled the results down into an “executive summary,” it would look like this.

  • Our typical reader is female (61.5%) and is between the ages of 25 – 34 (46.1%).
  • They have at bachelors degree or higher (84.5%) and consider themselves a non-profit leader (61.5%).
  • Only about half of the respondents said that they read blogs and prefer to learn by watching a video or webinar (76.9%).
  • The majority of respondents enjoy reading about personal development (92.3), leadership (76.9%), and strategic planning (69.2%).
  • The biggest challenges that our clients face right now are not having enough time (69.2%), not enough money (61.5), and not enough inspiration (38.4%).
  • In terms of their profession, there biggest challenges include staying inspired (58.3%), and being influential (50%).
  • Every single respondent has an active facebook account (100%), while only two-thirds use Linkedin and/or Twitter (66.6%).

survey_results_02Insight From Your Responses

Based on our reader’s comments, we have generated four conclusions:

  1. Staying active.
    The majority of our respondents enjoy participating in outdoor physical activities, such as running, biking, hiking, skiing, and gardening.  They also enjoy relaxing with a book and making time to travel.
  2. Relationship building gives them the most pride.
    When asked what they are most proud of in the last 12 months, the majority of people responded with building some type of personal relationship.  This included building a better relationship with themselves and the people around them, and included mentoring an individual or leading a group.
  3. Our readers know the importance of setting specific goals.
    Not only were goals specific, but they also included both personal and professional objectives.  Several people listed that their goal was to create a strategic plan and become more organized in their daily routine. Others focused on certain tasks they want to accomplish, and listed steps for how they’ll complete them.  It’s clear that our readers enjoy setting goals, and find fulfillment in working towards bettering themselves.
  4. Using your imagination
    Perhaps the greatest insight to come from our survey was the level of creativity and imagination that our readers possess.  You provided innovative suggestions about future products and potential areas of focus.  This helps us understand exactly what types of services we could offer to make your life easier, your goals more attainable, and provide great harmony in your endeavors.

Thank You

We gained tons of ideas from reading your comments and have already begun working on some of them.  I think you’ll be excited to hear about our upcoming projects and new tools we can offer.  We really appreciate your time in completing our survey, and considerate it a gift.

If you would still like the chance to share your thoughts with us, click here for access.

Chris Woods
Plaid LLC